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Gauge Means Nothing in the Car

from Look! A Rainbow! by Kara's Walk Home

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Gauge Means Nothing is my favorite screamo band - William


June came a little too early,
and summer ended a little too late
and now I’m gonna be behind on work

I miss the east coast humidity
I never though I’d say those words,
but I guess I got a lot of reading done

Hey I really loved War and Peace, but will I feel the same in 15 years, I don’t know
Time passed a little too slowly, but it’s only because I know I’m stuck

It took some time but Rosie’s been nicer,
I guess my attitude was just bad
Hey mom are thinking about us?

Don’t worry, I know you needed a break,
Oh please just don’t forget we’re here,
It might be what we want some day

We listened to screamo on the way to the airport,
you said it sucks but maybe you could like it?
Hey mom, you could start a band, or at least try karaoke?

Oh god wasn’t the sky so beautiful
I could have cried if I wasn’t so embarrassed

Just looking at a picture,
we used to live somewhere that nice

Just throw my name away, I’m going somewhere better
Or at least somewhere that no one cares
Picture someone driving up a mountain away from a place they hate
Or so I tell myself, you know I’m not that cool

Did I have dreams anyways? And if not is that so bad?
Isn’t it enough just to want to live?
And I’ll forgive almost anything but it doesn’t mean I’m just another hand to help out
But the sky is clear today and I’ve got to do laundry

We were at the store and I could feel people judge us, I was a little loud but maybe I’m just sensitive
But lately I’ve been going out at 6, going running and buying spinach even if I don’t eat it

Hey you know it’s just a start
It’s all about building good habits

The other day when I was running around the lake, I met someone and she said that she used to play drums
I was in your room listening to your music, I guess I lied when I said I hated it

Sometimes I guess I want to scream too
And I got older but there are still things I’d like to do

The sun rays at 9:00 only make me feel slightly less bad
Quitting my job and sending you away, was it too much this time?
Oh god, I, I, I, I, I, I, I,
I just don’t know how I’m supposed to live

So I got older, but why am I still so stupid?
It’s like I can’t see my own face, when I think about it
I just wanted a little more time,
but I can’t seem to take care
Of myself
without hurting someone else

(life passes in many ways
life flashes away and
i once though i could know anything at all but
joints just hurt and lungs wheeze
so I just do nothing but
stare out of the window and think, was it worth it?)

When you were young and we lived in California
Your dad would come around but I never really told you
That piece of shit never tried to raise you but he’d come around and just tell me I was doing it all wrong

What did I lose this time?
I never see cars before I’m already hit
I always lived like I was running to the finish line
not to die but just to live differently
And it seems I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I,
I fucked it up again,
and just to give myself a chance

So I got older, I was always waiting
For a chance to have a break, and figure out what I wanted

I don’t care how brittle my bones get I’m still here, judge me if you want to,
I’ll keep telling my self I don’t care

(life just passes quickly
i know it’s something everyone one
says but i never really
took it too seriously
gazing back at decades, thinking of the moments
and the hard headed way i lived that didn’t make anyone happy)

We all get older, it seems I missed
20 years as a young adult, but is it too late?

I’m still here and I’ve got my dreams
buried as they are by years of part time;
so I can’t be famous… Who said that was the point?

(no regrets for our youth!
sounds like a nice title
of a film, but one that i could
never relate to
cause I’ll always regret
ignoring my family’s feelings…)

Forget my name and forget my face, I don’t wanna be remembered
Forget my name, and forget my face, I wanna start over

I wanna go somewhere, I wanna go somewhere else.

(I want to be no one, but I don’t wanna disappear, I want to be no one at all)

Hey, I’m sorry
Oh god I’m sorry


from Look! A Rainbow!, released June 1, 2022




Kara's Walk Home Los Angeles, California

Emo... we're here for the feels

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