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This song was originally based off the book "A Tale for the Time Being" and there's still aspects of it in there, but I ended up just bringing in other things


We stood on the pier and watched the waves as the tide came in
The sun sets every day and we all know that, but I never look

I never really wanted to live forever, but I changed my mind
It’s not that I expect that to ever happen, I’ve just got a lot I’d like to do

walking by the ocean, i see the waves crash and slide back in
a hermit crab got lost without its shell

The lights on in the market
I like how it looks when everything’s gray
but the windows are bright orange against the haze

I see a man waiting
He’s been standing there since 6:15
He watches cars and tries his best to blend right in

Head lights, peak around the corner
and you forgot to jump

Disappear, travel miles away instead
it all works out the same

grab your books and collapse your tabs
grab your disc and your briquette, you’ve got friends to meet

I haven’t seen my daughter in weeks, where could she be?
Hope she forgets me someday

You never really got what I was saying, you always said 30 was enough
I never really know how serious you are but I hope you change your mind

a mountain at evening, haze against the sea and
the silhouette of the horizon, it’s hardest to see at dusk

a pose in the door way could fool you as a picture frame
but nothing’s really paused no matter how still you stand

leave your life exactly as you lived it,
an impression, cleared out dust from habitually used places

compressed cushion on the chair on the balcony,
dog eared pages and an unlocked computer screen

don’t you think you could have cleaned things up a bit,
don’t you care at all? to clarify or justify

Your uncleared history, i’m embarrassed just looking,
and i feel dizzy standing with the lights off staring at the screen

And all the things that you bury in your life
could bloom like evil flowers that no one would ever pick

But I stared and I stared for days on end
and reached out to pull you back, please come back!

I cut my hair today
I put on a sweater and walked to school
i don’t give a shit, I’m fucking off today

I stayed up late again on a
bus to the northern shore

No one knows me here
except my dear grandma

Release my thoughts to the empty sky
I admit i don’t know anything and never did
Though i travel far away
You know it’s hard
to be forgotten these days

I never really wanted to live forever but maybe I changed my mind
I really don’t expect that to ever happen it’s just something, it’s just one thing
Just another thing to think about

the light in the morning eases my mind, though the
suns rays and wind blows seeds to the ground

the currents push against my legs, run through the waves
til you get tired and lay panting on the shore

Last night in a dream,
I stabbed you in the heart,
the blood made me lose my grip

you were someone just like me,
hated by all our peers,
so i hated you as well

apologies that grow like trees,
fully formed in yards you’re not likely
to visit again

don’t mean anything,
So scatter the seeds in hopes that something useful grows for once

some people may leave and be gone forever
so stop and look at the people who are still around

So in my case I take a look a my father
walking in the distance 100 miles away,

and I’m sorry when you tried to die,
I said "do it right next time"
to be honest I was hurt myself

if I could live 100 more years
you know that I would take
and I hope you’d take it too

sitting in the park
swinging in the dark
I felt so stupid and young

so I’m sorry

oh god I’m sorry

If one drop from my heart could just turn you around,
just know I’d prefer to see you living

The so called family who said you were nothing…

They’ll just never understand.

So don’t believe them!!

Don’t believe them!!!!


from Look! A Rainbow!, released June 1, 2022




Kara's Walk Home Los Angeles, California

Emo... we're here for the feels

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